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About the Lighthouse

In the early 1970’s, two men came to Wayne Hurd's office in Dallas and announced that they were from the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) and a power plant was going to be built on Lake LBJ, adjacent, and actually partially within, the Coke ranch.   They were going to acquire an 800 ft. wide easement for power lines running diagonally through the ranch and bisecting the planned golf course and the heart of the development. Norman and Wayne protested, LCRA threatened condemnation, and the Hurds put all of the attorneys in Llano and Burnet Counties on retainer and prepared for battle. Wayne began to negotiate with Mr. Sim Gideon, LCRA's General Manager, an ex-attorney who for years had run the Authority with an iron hand; he "was" the Authority when it came to LCRA decisions. After multiple sessions they were able to arrive at a very interesting settlement with LCRA:

  - LCRA would move their easements to the West boundary (just past Hi Circle West) and then along highway 2147;  
  - The Hurds would have access through the plant site to some of the property that had been cut off by the plant site;
  - LCRA would build a long dike off the end of the "cut-off" land until it reached the under water property line; 
  - The Hurds would have the right to build a lighthouse at the end of the dike and plant palm trees on it.

The Lower Colorado River Authority built the 200 foot wide dike north of the proposed Ferguson Power Plant. The lighthouse is located at the end of what is now known as Lighthouse Drive and a long breakwater extending into Lake Lyndon B. Johnson at Horseshoe Bay in Llano County, about 45 mi (72 km) northwest of Austin. Completed in 1972, the 55 ft (17 m) square tower has a large observation room and a navigation beacon on the roof. The lighthouse is the largest in the state and the oldest of Texas’ four inland lighthouses. It provides Horseshoe Bay and boating enthusiasts an easy recognizable point of reference. Its elaborate sound system, with Westminster chimes, announces the hour.